Federico Zerboni is the new President of MAIZALL

On July 1, 2022 Mr. Federico Zerboni assumed the Presidency of MAIZALL, the International Alliance of Maize Grower Associations of Argentina, Brazil and the United States. He took over from Paulo Bertolini of Brazil, who was President since July 1, 2021.

The transfer of the Presidency was marked during a brief ceremony at the Global Agribusiness Forum in Brazil on July 25, South America's largest agricultural gathering of government officials, industry representatives, academics and civil society. Federico thanked Paulo for his leadership and service and welcomed the challenge of taking on the MAIZALL Presidency when the role of growers is as important as ever. “With a growing population, the geopolitical situation and the need for us to produce more food sustainably, the voice of the farmers needs to be heard. We can only meet our challenges if we have access to safe innovative technologies and tools.” This access is not always guaranteed as several countries have adopted regulations that ignore scientific assessments and have become, or risk becoming, obstacles to trade. “The war in Ukraine has shown how vital food security and food affordability are for people worldwide. Therefore, together with our partners in Argentina, Brazil and the U.S. we must continue to urge governments, international institutions, legislators and regulatory agencies around the world to take decisions based on sound science.

The MAIZALL Board thanked Paulo Bertolini for leading the alliance during a challenging period with the world slowly emerging from the Covid pandemic. During Paulo's mandate, MAIZALL conducted successful missions to the United Kingdom, Germany and Brussels.