MAIZALL, the International Maize Alliance,
is a coalition of maize farmer associations from Argentina, Brazil and the United States who are working together to share expertise and information and to address trade barriers to agricultural innovation.


grow 50 percent of all maize
in the world.

Together, MAIZALL’s farmers grow 50 percent of all maize in the world and 70 percent of the world’s exportable surplus. Our member organizations represent farming operations of all sizes, a majority of which are family farms.

Global food production faces a formidable challenge. The United Nations expects the world population to reach 9.8 billion in 2050, with much of that growth in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Combined with a growing middle class, this development means that agricultural productivity growth will need to accelerate. Against the backdrop of a changing climate, this will have to be accomplished through sustainable production intensification, using less land, energy and water.

In order to face this challenge, farmers will need access to the full range of safe and innovative agricultural production tools and practices. Digital equipment, improved seeds and other inputs and their sustainable use have already brought many benefits for farmers, consumers and the environment – and more innovation is on the way. However, regulatory gridlock and politicized decision-making often create obstacles and delays and undermine free trade and farmers’ access to safe and efficient agricultural production.

MAIZALL was created to bring the unique voice and insights of North American and South American maize farmers to address these obstacles. Based on their on-the-ground, individual experiences, MAIZALL’s farmers provide data and information about the use and benefits of innovative agricultural production methods and technologies.

Alliance Members



grow 50 percent of all maize produced in the world each year.



grow 70 percent of the world’s exportable surplus.